A red wedding gown

Would you wear a red wedding dress?

The color red conjures up images of passion, heat, daring, and luxury. But in some countries, especially the US and Britain, red has often been associated with scarlet women and some people see it as a scandalous color. However, many other cultures and religions have something rather different to say about the color red.

In France, it used to be considered very bad luck to be married in white and it was customary to wear red until Marie Antoinette chose to marry in white.

In China, the color red is considered good luck and it can ward off evil spirits. Brides in northern China traditionally wear a dress called a Qi Pao, embroidered with elaborate gold and silver designs. Brides from southern China usually wear a wedding dress known as a Qun Gua, Kwa or Cheongsam, elaborately adorned with golden phoenixes and dragons.


The traditional Vietnamese dress, called an Ao Dai, dated back to 1744 of the Nguyen Dynasty. The Ao Dai style perfectly accentuates the long, lithe body of Vietnamese women, and red is the favored color (below left).

In Muslim countries, a popular color for brides is cherry red (below middle).

In India, wedding dresses are often red, symbolizing auspiciousness, and white is a color of mourning. An Indian wedding dress is often called a Sari but other styles include the gaghra choli, and shalwar chameez (below right).


All of these cultures can’t be wrong, so why not reveal your bold and daring side and marry in red instead of white like everyone else! Be a red-hot bride, stand out from the crowd, be different. If you can’t bring yourself to go 100% scarlet, choose a white dress with a red sash or inserts to make your own style statement!

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