about publibodaHispanic Searching first started in 1999, making the most of an opportunity to learn all about the new technologies that were almost unheard of at the time to create websites providing extensive, clear and precise information on a broad range of subjects including weddings, food, and personal relationships.

All of our portals offer a vast amount of information and diverse contents, using a simple navigation system that makes them highly accessible to web users, thereby bringing a progressive annual increase in the number of visitors. Each of our portals therefore has excellent positioning in search engines, making each of them indisputable leaders in their sector.


The first steps in this project were taken by Ramón A. Pérez Ventura, founder of Publiboda, who created a new concept and system designed not just for people who were going to get married, but for everybody who was using the Internet to look for information on specific subjects that interested them.

We work on the intuitive knowledge, organization and development of all the information and services needed by over four million a year to organize the most important event of their lives, "their wedding", which is in turn the most complex social event in society.

In short, we help them ensure that this event is planned and run smoothly.

Every year there are 2 million weddings in 20 Spanish-speaking countries, in which over 278 million people take part.

Currently, some 22 million people a year visit our pages to find out more about, search for, compare, contact, and choose suppliers (companies or professionals). All of this is done quickly, easily, and clearly, with no need to register, at no cost whatsoever, and without technological barriers and intrusive advertising.