Moving baby to his nursery

sleeping-babyBabies start to experience separation anxiety at around 6-7 months old, so if he has been sleeping in your room until now, perhaps now is the best time to move his crib into his nursery to prevent problems later down the line.

Putting his crib in his nursery means that you have to get up in the night for feeds, etc. but it is worth it in the long run, and it will be much harder if you leave it until he is older.

To do this, ensure that your baby has an organized routine, meaning that he eats at more or less the same time, has a nap after lunch, always goes to bed at the same time after a relaxing bath, and has a calm bedtime routine without being over-stimulated.

Make sure the nursery is painted, decorated and furnished in plenty of time before the move. Some parents paint the nursery as soon as they know they are expecting, but others wait until their baby is older to decorate the nursery as they plan for the baby to sleep in their room.

Let your baby spend as much time as possible playing in his nursery beforehand so that he feels relaxed and comfortable in the room. We recommend that you give the baby time to get used to his crib before the move, so that only the environment changes.

He should have the same teddy or comfort blanket. Do not wash it as this will wash away the scent that he finds so comforting.

If you handle the situation well, putting your baby in his own room need not be traumatic for anyone.

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