Bat Mitzvah outfits


When Jewish girls reach the age of 12 years old, they are ready for the bat mitzvah, after which they are responsible for living according to Jewish ritual law, tradition, and ethics, and can participate in all areas of Jewish community life.

If your bat mitzvah is approaching, for this important rite of passage you will need to choose anywhere between two and five bat mitzvah dresses, suits and outfits, depending on your plans and your budget.

Consider purchasing or hiring the following:

- a bat mitzvah dress or suit for Friday night services;

- a bat mitzvah dress or suit for Saturday morning services and lunch;

- a special dress or outfit for the Saturday night party;

- an outfit for Sunday brunch with family and out-of-town guests;

- an outfit for a teenagers only party.

You may have outfits in your wardrobe that you could wear, especially if you are on a budget, but why not buy some special new outfits for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion?

Finding a bat mitzvah dress that is stylish as well as suitable for the synagogue and respects the Torah is not an easy task, so start your shopping as early as possible to find your ideal bat mitzvah attire.

Take a look at our prom dress designers section for inspiration for partywear.

Mazel tov!

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