Care for your hair using everyday products found at home

Why spend a fortune on fancy schmancy hair products when the kitchen cupboard is packed full of products that will make your hair look great!

DISCLAIMER: These tips and tricks have been suggested by hairstylists, but as always, we cannot be held responsible for the results.

Use an old toothbrush to…

…Backcomb small areas of your hair, giving volume where needed.

…Touch up your roots, getting the dye exactly where it is needed.

…Create a sleek, smooth ponytail and tame flyaway hair. Spritz a little hairspray onto the toothbrush and glide it along your hairline.

Citrus juices to brighten highlights

We all know that lemon juice lifts highlights in our hair, but the combination of lemon and orange juices gives the most natural-looking results. Spray the citrus mixture onto the hair before going out in the sun to create a warmer, more golden blond.

Cranberry juice to brighten red hair

Cranberry juice can give natural or dyed red hair a temporary boost, making it look more vibrant. Pour the juice onto the hair and leave for five minutes, then rinse. Leave on longer for a more dramatic effect.


Dish soap to remove buildup

If your hair looks dull and lifeless, and your regular shampoo no longer lathers, try using dish soap like Palmolive to clarify the hair and remove all traces of buildup. These soaps contain strong detergents which can strip the hair’s natural oils, so you must follow with a hydrating deep conditioner to replace the oils.

Flour to freshen up between styles

Flour makes an effective dry shampoo. Just sprinkle it on the roots, leave it for about ten seconds to mop up the oil, then dust away any residue with a makeup brush.

Gelatin to repair split ends

Give your hair a protein treatment by dissolving a packet of clear gelatin in hot water, and massaging the warm solution through the hair. Leave in for 30 minutes, then rinse.

Ibuprofen to beat dandruff

To help soothe a dry itchy scalp, crush a few ibuprofen pills and mix them into your shampoo. The jagged particles work as an exfoliant to clear away the flakes on the scalp.

Laundry starch to add volume to your hair

Some stylist suggest applying spray starch to dry roots before blow-drying to build up texture and give hold for extra lift.

Olive oil to remove extension glue

To remove bonding glue after applying a set of extensions, smooth a few drops of olive oil over the tracks of the extensions. Leave to soak in for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse well. 

Pinking shears to cut wispy bangs

Bangs do not need to be cut perfectly, as a blunt cut gives a hard line that looks too severe. Try serrated pinking shears for a less precise line that thins out the hair to give a more flattering look.  best with a little imperfection.

Saccharine to protect the hair during dying

Bleach and the chemicals in dyes can irritate your scalp and hairline, so mix one packet of Sweet ’N Low sugar substitute into your hair-coloring solution before applying to protect the skin against irritation. The acids in the saccharine help neutralize the pH level.

Three products to fight frizz...

...Expired sunscreen. Groom the hair by dabbing the cream around the hairline to tame flyaway hair.

...A bar of soap. Wet the soap and use it to sculpt your style and give it a matte finish.

...Lip balm. Use to add definition to your style and to get rid of hairline frizz.

V8 juice to banish that greenish tint

Chlorine and hard water give blonde hair a greenish tint. Banish this unsightly look and warm up your hair tone by massaging a can of V8 into your hair as if lathering shampoo.

Wine corks to create soft curls

Don’t throw away old wine corks, use them as mini rollers! Washand towel-dry your hair, wind 1?2-inch sections of hair around the corks, secure with bobby pins, then blast with a blow-dryer before unraveling.

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