Tips and advice: Male grooming

Some wise words from the famous about male grooming...

"Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man, there's your diamond in the rough." Actor, writer, comedian and producer Larry David

When you are first starting to lose your hair, your hair stylist can help disguise it, but once you have very little left, you are advised to let nature take its course and not try to style a few strands. Keep your remaining hair short, or shave it all off. Everybody knows that many women find bald men sexy…

"Dirt makes a man look masculine. Let your hair blow in the wind... All you have to do is look neat when you have to look neat." Actress Hedy Lamarr

Many women like their men to look a little “rough” from time to time, with old Levis and mussed-up hair, but a man needs to be able to clean up fast if he wants to make a good impression. Reduce signs of aging by applying a moisturizer, and style your hair in record time by smoothing down your hair with a little water and a

"First, I'm going to start dyeing my eyebrows, just to see how it works. And then I'll go to the hair. Start slowly." Actor George Clooney

If you are going gray, you may want to avoid drastic changes, especially if you have never dyed your hair before. Take is slowly, and gradually go back from gray to your natural color. Friends and family will notice a gradual improvement in your appearance. Go to a professional barber for the best results.

"Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things, he's got it all." Singer James Brown

One of the things that women find most attractive in a man are shiny hair and white teeth. Don't forget to apply conditioner after shampooing to keep your hair in great condition, which prevents the need for more styling products. Keep your pearly-whites gleaming with a stain-removing toothpaste and use a home-whitening kit twice a year.

"The best things you can do for your skin are not smoke, always use sunscreen and drink a lot of water." Actress and beauty Sela Ward

You don't need to spend a fortune on skin care products to keep your skin wrinkle free (and this advice applies to both men and women). Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water, don't start smoking or give up, protect your skin from premature aging by using SPF 30 UV sunscreen during summer, and apply a SPF 15 moisturizer in the morning.

"You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset." America's #1 sales trainer Tom Hopkins

It has been proved that better-looking people earn more money, so invest in your future by looking after your appearance. Follow habits today that will help you look better tomorrow. Eat a healthy balanced diet, drink plenty of water and take regular exercise. And don’t forget the importance of a good haircut.

"You cannot grow a beard in a moment of passion." Writer G.K. Chesterton

As the quote implies, growing a beard does not happen overnight. If you just let it grow without planning how to deal with the different stages of growth, you will look scruffy and unkempt. If you work in a job where appearance is important, consider waiting until vacations. Visit a barber regularly to ensure you look well-groomed.

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