Highlight the natural beauty of your eye color

International makeup artist Luis Casco for Mary Kay® talks about highlighting the natural beauty of your eye color.

“I always like to remind women that they don’t need to be scared of color.”

“I recommend looking for sheer textures rather than matte bright shadows. It’s always easier to build up intensity rather than start too bright.”

“Remember when using bright colors on your eyes, one vivid color is all you need. Anything more than that and you look overdone. Leave those looks for the catwalk.”

“When choosing eye shadow, look for colors that will compliment your eyes rather than match them.”

“Unless you are very young or on the runway, never carry a bright color shadow all the way up to the brow bone.”

brown-eyesBlack and dark brown eyes

“Girls with truly black and brown eyes are lucky because they can wear almost any color. Blue is a great tone for dark color eyes. Purple also looks great on most Latinas. It compliments olive skin and it highlights brown eyes gorgeously.”

“Two great Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color shades for dark color eyes are midnight star and peacock blue.”

Do use these colors…
Blue, purple, gold, copper, bronze, amethyst, eggplant, gray, mocha

Shades to avoid…
Light pink and mauve

Eyeliner shades to use…
Slate blue, navy blue, gray, plum, black


Blue eyes

“When working on brunettes with blue eyes, I use a touch of silver in the inner corner of the eye to brighten and open the eye.”

Do use these colors…
Gray, hazelnut, purple, lavender, black, silver, turquoise

Shades to avoid…
Blue, pink, peach, terra cotta

“Mary Kay® makes an eyeliner called Steely, that’s the perfect silver eyeliner for blue eyes.”

Eyeliner shades to use…
Taupe, gray, silver, light purple, brown


Green eyes…

“To really accentuate green eyes, go for plum or violet.”

“Two great Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color shades for green eyes are Iris and Sweet Plum.”

Do use these colors…
Gold, copper, taupe, beige, lavender, sweet plum, lilac, peach

Shades to avoid…
Cool colors like light blue, light pink, light gray

Eyeliner shades to use…
Dark gray, bronze, raisin, chocolate brown, purple


hazel-eyesLight brown and hazel eyes…

“Hazel eyes are a gorgeous mixture of green, brown and gold. I love hazel eyes.”

“For hazel eyes, I always apply gold as a highlighter on the brow bone and on the inner corner of her eyes. It really makes hazel eyes sparkle in front of the camera.”

“A great eye shadow for light brown or hazel eyes is Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Honey Spice.”

Do use these colors…
Gold, copper, bronze, champagne, violet, emerald, deep forest green

Shades to avoid…
Blues and yellows

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