Beauty tips with olive oil


Olive oil is a commonly used product that we often have in our homes for cooking.

As well as its fantastic nutritional qualities, it has other qualities that make it a great ally in our search for beauty. It is a very gentle, non-irritating oil with antibacterial properties and very rich in antioxidants. These characteristics make it ideal for caring for our skin.

Here are some of the uses that we can make of this oil as a beauty product:

Caring for dry skin

If your skin sometimes feels extremely dry, apply a layer of olive oil to your face, including your lips. You will see how it soon feels soft, elastic and moisturized. It is true that it feels a little sticky, so perhaps use it while you relax in the bath, and that way there is no problem if you get the oil on your hair. Another slightly less messy way of using it is by adding a couple of drops to a mask that you are going to use, adding an extra surge of moisture to the treatment.

Caring for your nails

Weak and broken nails benefit enormously from olive oil. Put your fingertips in a glass of oil for a few minutes when doing your manicure. And if your nails and fingers are stained (from smoking or nail polish, perhaps), also add a few drops of lemon juice.

Caring for your hair

Massage your hair with warmed olive oil before washing it to give an extra surge of moisture to dry hair. Do this the night before washing, or at least a few hours before washing, to give it time to work. Even better is to cover your hair with a towel moistened with hot water. This is a fabulous remedy for dry and damaged hair.

Caring for your hands and feet

To exfoliate the skin on your hands or feet, make a mix of sugar and olive oil and rub your skin firmly. Massage them well and put on cotton gloves or socks before going to bed. The next day, your feet and hands will be super-soft.

Caring for your skin during hair removal

If you shave your legs with a razor, try using olive oil instead of shaving foam or soap. You will find that the razor will slide across the skin easily, and your skin will be moisturized.

Makeup remover

Forgotten to buy makeup remover? Raid the kitchen cupboard for olive oil. All you need is a few drops on a cotton pad to remove all kinds of makeup.

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