Tips and advice: Correcting skin problems

Here is a selection of tips on correcting problems with your skin, to help make less than perfect skin look perfect.

Spots, dark circles, broken capillaries, scars… women look in the mirror every morning to find these skin imperfections. Nevertheless, faking perfect skin is possible thanks to these tips that will help make your skin look great.

Our genetic makeup is important, but the immaculate skin of many models is more thanks to the work done by the makeup artists than Mother Nature.

By using these tips and investing a little patience and dedication each morning, it is possible to hide these spots, dark circles, skin redness and even some scars.

Dark circles: the side effects of burning the midnight oil

When we are under stress, have too much work, or have been burning the midnight oil at parties, those awful dark circles start to appear under our eyes. Dark circle concealer is the only product that can hide them, but the trick is in applying it so that it looks as natural as possible.

The tone of the product should always be one or two tones lighter than that of the skin and it is preferable that it verges towards the color yellow. Before applying, put on a little eye cream and a moisturizing cream with ceramides as this stops the corrector from cracking and gives elasticity to the skin. Apply the concealer by making small taps with the fingertips in the inner eye area, and blending but not spreading. For a more natural look, apply the concealer before your foundation, but if you need a more intense effect you can also use the concealer on top of foundation.


The most common scars on the face are those caused by teenage acne.

If they are superficial marks you can disguise them with a foundation that offers good coverage, although this will give your face a more artificial look so apply carefully. You could also try peels with an exfoliating effect to renew the skin’s cells.

If, on the other hand, the scars are deeper, it is harder to solve the problem using makeup. The most effective solution is to fill in the scar with collagen injections, somewhat like the technique used for wrinkles.


Spots and pimples…

We would hazard a bet that absolutely everybody has got up in the morning at least once to find a huge spot or pimple on their face. Getting rid of it will take days, but it is possible to disguise it immediately.

To cover impurities, it should be enough to apply a blend of the concealer that you usually use with your foundation. But if it is an angry and irritated spot you need to disguise the redness in the area. It should be sufficient to use a green-toned concealer under your foundation.

These tips are intended for the occasional breakout, but if your skin is greasy and prone to acne, these recommendations are not suitable for you. Best talk to your dermatologist and start a specific treatment to nip the problem in the bud from the source.

Thread veins and broken capillaries

Some skin types are especially sensitive to brusque changes in temperature, to smoking, alcohol, and even certain foods. In these cases, small broken capillaries or red thread veins may emerge, giving the cheeks a rosy appearance. Although the best way to avoid them is by avoiding situations that trigger them, they can be disguised with the right makeup, applied correctly.

To disguise them, before applying foundation, use a green-toned base specially designed for this kind of skin. It should only be applied to the affected area and as delicately as possible. Makeup artists say that the best way of applying these concealers is with dabbing movements using a very fine brush, tracing over the outline of the veins themselves.

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