How to look younger in 5 steps

Here are five steps to looking younger without going under the surgeon’s knife.

But how much younger could you look? This all depends on the age, genetic makeup and health of each person, but if you have noticed that your clothes, accessories and makeup make you instantly look 15 years older, the same principle applies in reverse.

We’re not saying you have to dress like a sexy girl, but rather try to balance the use of garments suited to your age with some items in a younger style. We admire actress Susan Sarandon, who always looks impeccable and seems happy to grow old gracefully.

We are not going to offer a miracle cure as there really isn’t one, but we can give you five cheap and easy tips to help you look like a babe, whatever your age.

1. Wear the latest fashions, without overdoing it

There is a huge difference between wearing the typical clothes designed for mature women, and clothes designed for kids just out of school. Aim for a look somewhere between the two so that you look young and fresh without looking like mutton dressed as lamb. Think of Sharon Stone, who looks fantastic in her 50s wearing jeans and T-shirt. Well-styled leather and denim look great.

Choose fashionable bags, shoes, belts and jewelry in the latest colors to accessorize your outfits. But careful not to overdo it: you want to look younger, not like a teenager. We prefer not to name names, but more than one over-50 star should follow this advice…

Choose darker and neutral colors, using tasteful colored accessories to add a splash of color. Darker colors are very slimming.

2. Dye your hair a color that is similar to your natural color

A major beauty error made by many women is to start adding blonde highlights once the first gray hair appears, and they eventually end up dying all their hair platinum blonde. What they do not realize is that artificial blonde hair is actually very ageing. Would you say that Dolly Parton looks younger with her trademark platinum hairdo? Better to follow the example of Elle Macpherson who, at 48 years old, has a natural light chestnut mane that softens her features. If you love blonde hair, and have naturally blonde tones, choose a style like that of Michelle Pfeiffer (53 years old), who combines light and dark tones with gentle waves.

Remember that the more natural your hair looks, the more you will knock years off your age. The more lacquer, hair dye and volume you have on your hair, the more you will look like one of the Golden Girls.

3. Less gold, fewer bright colors, less is more

From the age of 45-50, you need to change your mindset to “less is more”. Go for neutral colors, or satiny colors if you like a little shine, and don’t overload yourself with chunky jewelry, beads, and bright colors. It doesn’t mean you have to look boring, simply tasteful.

Follow the example of Kim Catrall, a fashionable 50-something who knows exactly how to dress for her age and doesn’t look like she’s been preserved in formaldehyde. She likes beige and gray tones, with natural makeup, and looks great!

4. Rejuvenating accessories

Echoing back to the last tip, leave aside the gold chains, pearls and jewelry that your mother would wear and think minimalist. Remember that less is more, even Cyndi Lauper has learnt the benefits of minimalism! And for total rejuvenation, get yourself an “accessory”, just like Demi Moore, 15 years younger. She has never looked younger, and looks better every day.

If you want to take it a step further, look “different”, like the actress Tilda Swinton. She is almost 50 but looks like she could be 30, 35 or 40, with her androgynous appearance, minimal makeup, deceptively simple hairstyle, complex personality, and controversial lifestyle. Perhaps this way of looking younger is not for everybody…

5. Makeup, also natural

The more wrinkles you have on your face, the more care you have to take not to overdo your foundation, eye shadow and blush. It is simply not flattering, and certainly won’t make you look any younger. Highlighting your best features, such as your eyes or lips, draws attention away from wrinkles and sagging skin. Too much foundation and face powder gathers in wrinkles, emphasizing them even more.

Don’t abuse collagen treatments and botox on your face. When we see famous women who look younger than they are, we can guarantee that they have been under the knife, have had botox, and have all their photos Photoshopped, but to be fair, they also have another secret that we should copy: natural makeup, not laid on with a trowel, which covers imperfections and highlights their best features (cheekbones, eyes…).

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