Branches for floral arrangements and displays

When designing floral arrangements and displays and decorating your home or event you will come across an incredible choice of dried and preserved flowers, foliage, branches, grasses, fruits and pods add great accents to your arrangements, some of which you may never have heard of before now!

Why stick to the traditional, choose something a little different and let your imagination and creativity run free! Or choose the materials you like and leave the design and creation to the professionals.

Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to find inspiration here.

If you cannot find these items locally, all of them can be sourced online, for example from Nettleton Hollow.

Different types of decorative branches

Decorative branches dramatically enhance spaces ranging from a side-table or bookshelf to a grand atrium.



Bamboo sticks

Bamboo sticks are a great choice if you need something with a subtle Asian feel, or simply need a large volume of branches.

They are an ideal choice for tall centerpieces, Asian themes and as a vase filler.


Corkscrew willow branches

Corkscrew willow branches provide a heavy, contorted form. When lightly bleached to a creamy off-white, they can be contrasted against a dark wall or laid across a mantle.


Cotton branches

With their billowing bolls, cotton branches make a great accent, providing both visual interest and a connection to the fabric.

They are an ideal choice for intriguing centerpieces and for evoking a Southern US feel.


Natural manzanita branches

Natural manzanita branches are dominated by the chocolate brown color of the mature wood, but also have some dead gray branches and yellowish tips. If you have a light-colored surface and/or want to paint your manzanita branches, natural manzanita branches are a great choice.

They are a great choice for low-profile centerpieces, for hanging heavy objects and for creating crystal trees.


Red dogwood branches

Red dogwood branches are especially popular during winter to bring vibrant color. Displayed indoors, the branches will last indefinitely, and outdoors they should last until snowdrops and crocuses emerge in spring.


Straight willow branches

Straight willow branches provide a strong vertical element to a display and can be used as either a free-standing bundle or in a vase.

Photos and inspiration from: Nettleton Hollow

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