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Country: US
State: Pennsylvania
Address: 139 Vanderbilt Dr, PA 15243, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US (View Map)
Phone: (412) 407-8088


Car owners in Pittsburgh PA tend to pay $723 more for auto insurance premium than the rest of the state ( Pennsylvania ). Average car insurance in Pittsburgh can cost around $2,211 per year, while average car insurance rate for Pittsburgh is $1,592. In Pittsburgh itself, the difference between the cheapest ( Allied - $970 ) and the most expensive car insurance company ( Mercury Car Insurance - 1,617 ) is over $600 a year. We have compared car insurance quotes from multiple companies in Pittsburgh to determine which insurance company offer the cheapest car insurance rates and which has the most expensive quotes. Based on our data Allid, Usaa and Liberty Mutual offer the cheapest auto insurance rates in Pittsburgh. These three low cost car insurance companies are almost 117% lower than average car insurance rates in Pittsburgh. This is why it is important for car owners to shop around and take multiple quotes before making a decision going with a provider. We recommend you can start with taking a quote from at least 5 car insurance companies before you decide to choose your provider. We can help you do all this with just one short call and 5 simple questions answered. All you need to do is enter your zip code and we will automatically transfer your call to the cheapest car insurance provider in your area. Call our local number 412-407-8088 now to get cheap car insurance in Pittsburgh.

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