Sector: Wedding Venues
Country: US
State: Massachusetts
Address: 15 Main Street (Rt. 140), MA 02038, Franklin, Massachusetts, US (View Map)
Phone: 508-520-0696
Fax: 508-520-0697


In 2001, the very first Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant and Cantina was opened in Sudbury, MA. In just 3 short years-riding the waves of a good reputation and amazing authentic Mexican dishes-the restaurant has expanded its territory to six other cities throughout Massachusetts and one in Connecticut. At Acapulcos our customers always leave satisfied and amazed after every visit to one of our restaurants. This wonderful dining experience is built with our friendly service, freshly prepared dishes, and enjoyable atmosphere. The founder of Acapulcos Restaurant and Cantina, David Brambila, began in the restaurant industry in 1985 when he first moved to Spokane, WA from Mexico. With his authentic recipes from Guadalajara, Mexico, he quickly opened four restaurants meeting popular demand. In 2001, he decided to bring this success to the East Coast, along with his wife and three kids. With the help of an entrusted partnership, dedicated managers, and hard working staff, Acapulcos keeps the customers coming back for high quality authentic Mexican food and flavor. Unlike others, Acapulcos honors its authenticity and family spirit. Everyone works together, not only as a team, but as a family. When customers come to Acapulcos they are treated just that way, like a part of our family. While all Acapulcos share the same menu and recipes, each Acapulcos has a slightly different taste in its interior decorating. This differs Acapulcos from the typical Mexican restaurant group and adds more excitement for customers when they visit different locations in different cities. We welcome our customers to come and taste the difference-once you give us a try you`ll never go anywhere else for fresh cooked, authentic Mexican food. Not only will you feel the difference, we guarantee you will taste the difference!

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