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Country: US
State: Massachusetts
Address: 37 Oak Street Ext., MA 02301, Brockton, Massachusetts, US (View Map)
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Bickford's history dates back to the 1920's, when Samuel Bickford opened his first Bickford's cafeteria. Throughout the next 40 years, Sam, and eventually his son, Harold, worked to expand their cafeteria chain throughout the Northeast and into California. However, it was not until 1959 that Harold introduced a new concept to New England, the first Bickford's Pancake House - the first such specialty restaurant in New England which opened in Peabody, Massachusetts in October, 1959. The concept was a huge success. Recently, the Bickford's chain has evolved and just like with the fresh turkey, other menu items were upgraded for overall improved lunch and dinner selections. For example, fresh seafood, delivered daily from Ipswich Shellfish Company, was a large addition to the fresh new menu. Top of the line products include scallops, haddock, whole-belly clams & lobster. The focus on preparation and execution to the guest was just as important as the quality of the products coming from the vendors, so complementary items were also brought in such as trans fat free oil for frying, the highest quality batter, and fresh vegetables to make the overall meal a "wow" in the eyes of the guest. Along with the seafood, a twelve ounce, Certified Angus Beef Sirloin, Certified Angus burgers, sweet potatoes, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar for our crisp salad offerings are all added to the superb meals now available to Bickford's guests. Bickford's can now be everything to everyone. A large focus has been placed on take-out. Flat-screen T.V.'s have been added to the décor of many restaurants. Many of the locations even have private meeting rooms which can accommodate various groups, plus most restaurants offer liquor, beer or wine. Bickford's has a long history in New England and with the new improvements, continues to be a strong restaurant chain. If you're planning a group tour involving any age group or organization, Bickford's can make your job a little easier. We operate restaurants in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont. Contact our office for information regarding group reservations: Catering Off-Site. Direct Billing. Group Seating Capacity. Special Meal Packages. Private Rooms.

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