Sector: Hair and Beauty
Country: US
State: Virginia
Address: 3050 Valley Avenue, # 111, VA 22601, Winchester, Virginia, US (View Map)
Phone: (540) 678-0050


While many salons have explored other avenues, lessening their focus on tendrils and locks, Elie Gerdak's hip couture salon is about the glories of hair. Classic, beautiful hair. Inside the walls of the Elie Elie Salon, steel trusses buttress the walls, giving the impression of a luxuriously trendy European hotel. Elie himself can be found creating elaborately simple, phenomenally chic updos, cuts and styles, enhancing each client's own classic beauty. Alongside Elie is the Elie Elie Styling Team, nationally trained platform artists, master stylists and certified national trainers who perform at the highest levels. Cut, color, class. Elie Gerdak subscribes to an international philosophy when it comes to creating beautiful hair: beauté classique. And it's no wonder. This widely-recognized hair aficionado was born in Lebanon and trained from an early age in the traditions of Parisian coiffure, and now applies his extraordinary talents to clients from Paris to London to New York to Washington, D.C. From exquisite color to timeless updos, Elie excels at anything hair, dedicating his time and message to creating classic beauty, regardless of hair type. He retains a unique specialization: curls. And has developed cutting, styling, coloring and caring techniques that combine to create simply gorgeous, fashionable, fun curls that turn heads. "Take advantage of what you have," he says. "Be the best you can be by putting sparkle in your look and glamour in your style regardless of age." Sexy. With the introduction of his exquisite hair care lines, Curl Definesse to define and refine curly hair, and Moderne, to celebrate simple, classic styles, Elie Gerdak is also redefining the way to care for hair. With key essences like Rose Quartz to encourage healthy hair growth and Sea Silk for strength and manageability, these two lines deliver exactly what you're looking for. Beautiful hair. Power curls. Modern looks.

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