Sector: Catering
Country: US
State: Arkansas
Address: 741 E Van Asche Drive, AR 72703, Fayetteville, Arkansas, US (View Map)
Phone: (479) 521-1606


Our Services: A Staff of Expert Carvers (Gauchos) Roam Through the Restaurant Offering Guests A Variety of Choice Cuts of Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork and Sausage - All Slowly Spin- Roasted and Grilled Over an Open Flame. Our Delicious Cheese Bread Is Also Offered By. A Tempting Culinary Treat - It's A Naturally Lean Cut of Pork Loin That Is Served Flavored With Parmesan.. A Variety of Cuts Chicken Breast Wrapped in Bacon and Chicken Legs. Alcatra. Baby Beef Steak. Churrascaria A Continuous Service Grill House, Once Seated, Your Brazilian-Style Dining Experience Begins, Guests Are Given the Option To Relax and Enjoy Their Favorite Cocktail, OR Head Directly To.... Boi de Ouro Steakhouse- Churrascaria. A Continous service grill house.The fixed-price dining concept is simple. Boi de Ouro gives you more of everything: food, service and exotic atmosphere....

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