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Tony Sanchez Jr., South Hutchinson, borrowed that character's name, El Guapo, for his entry in a name-the-taco contest run by Carlos O'Kelly's restaurants. Sanchez's suggestion, El Guapo's Brisket Taco, beat over 9,500 entries and was selected by Carlos O'Kelly's as the name for its new brisket taco, according to a press release. "For winning the contest, Sanchez receives $1,000 in cash and his name next to the taco in the new Carlos O'Kelly's menu that will arrive in the Hutchinson restaurant in May," the release said. Sanchez said he and his family eat at the Hutchinson restaurant, and that's where he entered the name. Like the Mexican-Irish name of the restaurant, Sanchez has Irish and Mexican ancestors. Sanchez said he and his wife, Annie, have eight children, and their youngest daughter, Daytona, 16, will be going to San Diego in a few weeks for surgery. They were concerned about financing their drive to California, Sanchez said, when the calls came Thursday from various officials at Carlos O'Kelly's. "Almost in tears," Sanchez said of the family's reaction to the news. El Guapo is pronounced "El-WAH-po" and is Spanish for "the handsome one." Wichita-based Carlos O'Kelly's has 39 restaurants. Se habla Espanol-Español-Spanish.

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