Sector: Catering
Country: US
State: Kentucky
Address: 130 N Main Street, KY 42240, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, US (View Map)
Phone: (270) 886-8962
Fax: (270) 886-9686


The Classic Catering People love creating food memories that honor the good taste of the bride and groom. A birthday supper, graduation celebration or milestone anniversary... all Classic events. The descriptions below offer just a taste of how The Classic Catering People create engaging moments. Let them stimulate your appetite for your own Classic experience. In today's business environment, more meals are served at boardroom tables. Menus, coupled with The Classic Catering People's unobtrusive service team, feed the busy mind and body. And, once plans are a 'GO,' look to The Classic Catering People for opening receptions, recognition dinners and finale celebrations. The Classic Catering People takes pride in distinguishing our picnics with Classic style. Our knowledgeable team, well known for our customized menus, has created an array of All-American picnic foods. As a full-service event planner, The Classic Catering People offers one-stop shopping and can arrange special services, sports and entertainment to suit the needs and budget of your occasion. Please call or email a member of the sales team to discuss your vision for an outdoor event. For one evening only. That is how a multi-sensory food experience is designed for galas by The Classic Catering People. Our chefs first guide the event planning committee through a taste exploration, a multi-course dinner and engaging stories of cheese-makers, vintners, as well as local farmers and ranchers, whose fine ingredients will be used to prepare the selections. Then, this menu is recreated for gala guests. For one evening only.

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