Sector: Catering
Country: US
State: Utah
Address: 768 West 1425 North, UT 84041, Layton, Utah, US (View Map)
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The Food. A Surfboard Shaper is an expert who creates custom surfboards the hard-way, the right-way - by hand. In an age where everything from surfboards to the food we eat is mass-produced, Costa Vida is rebelling against soul-less food. Like the Surfboard Shaper, we put passion into everything we do. You'll never see us pour pre-made salsa out of a bag that was mixed at some corporate lab and shipped across the country. Costa Vida goes to great lengths to ensure the freshest all-natural ingredients are used and prepared from scratch each day. After all, a meal made fresh daily, just tastes better! The intense and diverse flavors of Costa Vida will make your taste buds boogie and leave you satisfied and energized. The Experience. Just open the door of a Costa Vida restaurant and your escape from the bland and boring begins. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes capture that unique and vibrant Baja experience - leaving you energized, inspired and satisfied. When you're craving a satisfying and intensely flavored lunch or dinner served in a contagiously energetic environment - and made by people who believe in creating meals the right way, Costa Vida's your place. The Inspiration. Costa Vida is inspired by the beautiful Baja Peninsula Coast and the lifestyle that pushes you to catch the wave-rather than stand on the sideline to let life pass you by. This costal lifestyle is a vision about the satisfaction of things done the right way. We believe that food created with passion, from scratch daily, tastes better! And our customers know the difference. Each tortilla is hand crafted daily and served hot, ensuring that no customer will ever have to eat a factory-made tortilla pulled from a bag. The sweet pork and shredded beef are perfectly seasoned and slow-cooked for several hours to create the signature intense aroma and flavors of Costa Vida. Led by Certified Executive Chef David Prows, Costa Vida uses only the freshest all-natural ingredients, and prides itself on its intensely flavored meals that leave guests energized, inspired and satisfied. Se habla Espanol-Español-Spanish.

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