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We would like to thank you for visiting you to our website and extend a warm invitation to take a journey with us to help find your relationship with the the Lord Jesus. Please take the time to browse the articles at Pastors Corner to help get a perspective of your walk with the Lord. Or browse the Photo album for familiar faces, we will update it as often as we can. We would also like you to feel free to send in a Prayer Request for yourselves or your loved ones so that we can help give them extra covering by praying for them here at out facility. Vision-Fill the earth with purpose from God. The greatest joy and passion for the church today should be to see the glorious work of the Holy Spirit revealed in men across the whole earth. God`s purposes must be shed abroad the whole earth so that man can see the wonderful works and the power of God revealing the love and goodness of God. The Holy Spirit is the divine representative sent here to draw all men unto Christ and to fill the hearts of men to see the Kingdom of God. It is the Holy Spirit`s responsibility to fill, to teach, to lead and empower the church to carry the glorious light of the gospel of Jesus into a dying world of darkness. It is the churches responsibility to fulfill the great commission, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creations" (Mark 16:15). Under the leadership and authority of the Holy Spirit we must be empowered daily with passion to proclaim God`s purpose to every man. The church is no longer properly structured, equipped or focused to fulfill this mandated assignment. But, we must get back under the Holy Spirit`s leadership to fill the earth with purpose from God. The assignment is clear, the need is clear and the vehicle to fulfill the assignment is clearly the church. The church abroad must be redefined in its identity, its purpose and its mission for the sole purpose of effectively achieving its purpose from God. Radical change must take place and we must love the Lord enough to release our will and our way to do the will of the Father. The end result will be signs of the fruit of a great harvest. The Holy Spirit is waiting, the word is waiting, the Father and Son are waiting and all creation is waiting for the sons of God to fill the earth with purpose from God. We are called to be witnesses of Christ by spreading the witness of His life in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the other parts of the earth.

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