Sector: Places of Worship
Country: US
State: Florida
Address: 341 Emerson Drive NorthWest, FL 32907, Palm Bay, Florida, US (View Map)
Phone: (321) 727-3593


What We Believe.We Believe...The Bible is God`s word, perfect and authoritative...There is only one God, and He exists in three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit....God created the world in six normal (evening & morning) days...Mankind was created in innocence but rebelled against God. Consequently, all are born enemies of God, under His wrath...Jesus is the Son of God, and therefore is God. He miraculously became man when conceived of the Holy Spirit in Mary`s womb...Jesus Christ lived without sin and took upon Himself the penalty that belonged to man, demonstrating the love of God for the world. The righteousness that God`s nature demands is now available through Christ by the free gift of grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone...Believers in Jesus are indwelt by the Spirit; and, though they presently deal with the reality of sin, are being conformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ, freely and resolutely living that others may see their good works and glorify their Father...The Church is God`s creation, the body of Christ, through which God spreads the gospel and accomplishes His work in this world. Believers are to be a vital and committed part of a local church, where they can minister their gifts to other believers in conjunction with the ministry of the pastors and deacons...In the personal and premillennial and imminent coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and that this "Blessed Hope" has a vital bearing on the personal life and service of the believer.

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