Sector: Places of Worship
Country: US
State: Nevada
Address: 326 E John Street, NV 89706, Carson City, Nevada, US (View Map)
Phone: (775) 883-4836


Welcome to our First Christian Church family. We hope that you feel right at home here. We are a diverse group of people who are united in Christ and who are committed to the cause of Christ. Because Jesus died for us, we present ourselves as living sacrifices to Him. Because Jesus arose from the dead, He proved Himself to be Lord, Christ and Savior. We owe to Him everything. Each person has talents and abilities to use in God’s service. It is our desire to help you discover your hidden talents, abilities and gifts and to provide opportunities for you to become an active member of God’s household, the church. Fellowship groups and Bible studies are available throughout the week. The aim of each of these groups is to aid you in your spiritual growth, to help you to become more like Jesus. We encourage and help one another daily in our efforts to be more Christlike.

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