Sector: Places of Worship
Country: US
State: Florida
Address: 4665 Thomasville Road, FL 32309, Tallahassee, Florida, US (View Map)
Phone: (850) 893-1837


La iglesia catolica de Good Shepherd tiene una comunidad Hispana muy activa. La iglesia les ofrece una misa en espanol que se celebra todos los sabados a las 7 pm. Los invitamos a visitar la iglesia de Good Shepherd y formar parte de esta comunidad Hispana. Para mas informacion sobre nuestra comunidad Hispana y sus varias actividades, por favor contacten a la Sra. Angelica Otero al 668-2205. Good Shepherd Catholic Church has a very active Hispanic community. The church offers mass in Spanish each Saturday at 7pm. We invite you to visit Good Shepherd Church and become a part of this Hispanic community. For more information about our Hispanic community and its various activities, please contact Mrs. Angelica Otero at 668-2205. Who we are: "Let us pray" are the words most visible to drivers as they race past the Good Shepherd Catholic Church entrance on Thomasville Road. These three words serve as a reminder that we are a people of prayer, first. Yes, we are the largest parish in the Catholic Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, but more important, we are a representation of the Body of Christ, discerning God's will in order to bring our lives into greater conformity with the Gospel of Jesus. A parish with humble beginnings - preceding Interstate 10 and the population explosion of northeast Tallahassee - Good Shepherd celebrated its 30th anniversary in January 2003. A now dynamic collection of more than 2,500 families and a 15-acre campus, Good Shepherd is truly a "community of small communities," centered in the Eucharist and committed to ministry. This vision emphasizes a prayerful focus on living the mission of Jesus through spiritual formation, evangelization and ministry carried out through small Christian communities. Nearly 75 different ministries are organized under five categories - Leadership, Prayer and Liturgy, Fellowship and Evangelization, and Mercy and Justice. Good Shepherd is just as committed to youth and the Religious Education of both adults and children. Please spend some time exploring Good Shepherd's online presence through this web site community and be sure to contact us with your own news about the parish. Se habla Espanol-Español-Spanish.

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