Sector: Places of Worship
Country: US
State: Pennsylvania
Address: Route 214, P.O. Box 267, PA 17342, Loganville, Pennsylvania, US (View Map)
Phone: (717) 428-1765


A Word from the Pastor. Heritage Baptist Church is committed to the old time religion and the absolute authority of the Bible. We are seeking to win precious souls to Christ before His imminent second return. We are not part of the present-day ecumenical or charismatic movements, and we stand against modernism, liberalism, and new-orthodoxy. We do not use entertainment, modern Bible versions, or contemporary forms of worship and music to draw a crowd. Our only text for all our training programs is the Authorized 1611 King James Version of the Bible. Jesus called Christians to be separate from the world and to be the "salt of the earth." Our church is not part of the state or federally controlled corporate church structure. Thus, we believe the church should have an active part in influencing the world around it without governmental influence or control. Consequently we confront and speak out on many issues of our day. We firmly oppose the modern morally decadent trends such as abortion, sodomy, legalized gambling, multiculturalism, and earth worship. We oppose one-worldism culturally, economically, politically and religiously.

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