Sector: Places of Worship
Country: US
State: Nevada
Address: 145 Daggett Lane, NV 89449, Stateline, Nevada, US (View Map)
Phone: (775) 588-5860
Fax: (775) 588-3827


Tahoe Community Church is absolutely autonomous. That is, the people of Tahoe Community Church make all their own decisions in regards to all church beliefs and actions. Jesus Christ is the Head of the church. We are guided by a board of Elders who seek for this church the perfect will of God. Tahoe Community Church affiliates with the Southern Baptist Convention on a national denominational level and the California Southern Baptist Convention on a state level. Through these affiliations come the strength of other churches, a channel for mission giving, literature, tax exemption, and a wealth of resources for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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