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In the summer of 1955, a group of thirty people in Temple Terrace, under the leadership of Mr. Robert Byram and Mr. Abe Johns, decided to form a Presbyterian congregation. With Rev. Frank M. Scarlett, Jr., as Stated Supply (provided by the Presbytery) the group began worship services in the frame school building on Woodmont Avenue. When fifty members - the minimum number required by Presbytery to form a new church had been recruited, their petition was authorized and approved on November 8, 1955. Charter members who still hold active membership are Robert Byram, Vivian Jones, Bob and Ann Simmons. With new members being received almost weekly, the new church, having outgrown the small Woodmont School, began using the cafeteria of the new brick Temple Terrace School. The first permanent pastor, received in May, 1956 was the Rev. James R. (Bob) Jackson, a circuit rider from Virginia. He and his family moved into manse, purchased by the church, on Berwick Avenue. Under Bob Jackson's leadership the organization of the church's governing bodies was completed together with the election of the first deacons. The Most urgent need was to build a new sanctuary. Building plans were approved in January, 1956, with construction soon thereafter. In 1967, a fire destroyed the original educational wing and damaged the sanctuary. For a year, the congregation met at the Community Church, and then the Elk's social hall on 56th Street. Early in 1968, plans were made to remodel and enlarge the sanctuary, build a modern education wing with eight classrooms, a fellowship hall, and a kitchen. Following a two-year fund drive, the building was dedicated in January, 1969. The first church organist was Ms. Katherine Johns, followed by Alyce Lanier, both volunteers. In 1965, Bob Scott became the choir director and Janice Owen organist, both of whom were still serving in 1995, with Janice Owen still serving today. The Rev. Jackson resigned in 1965, followed by the Rev. Howard Leming who served for the next eleven years. In 1978, Howard accepted a call to Virginia, and the Rev. Dr. Gerald Voye served until 1990 when he became executive presbyter, Flint River Presbytery, in southwest Georgia. The Rev. Dr. Gerald Iwerks was called in 1992, and was still serving in 1995.

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