Sector: Places of Worship
Country: US
State: Pennsylvania
Address: 1010 Elmira Street, PA 17701, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, US (View Map)
Phone: (570) 323-3274


Located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Trinity Gospel Church is an independent congregation of Bible-believers. Our church is similar to a Baptist church in faith and practice. You can always count on a friendly smile and a helpful hand when you come to TGC! Trinity Gospel Church is independent of all denominational ties. We are free to believe and obey just what the Bible says. We believe in the fundamental doctrines of the Bible and the Christian faith. We are not part of the ecumenical or charismatic movements. We generally hold to Baptist doctrine and believe that the Bible is the authority for faith and practice. We believe every word of the Bible to be true in every sense: historically, scientifically, and morally. We are a Bible-believing church. We take the Bible as our rule of faith and life. It is true in every word. Jesus said that every letter was true. It is inspired of God and trustworthy when it speaks on salvation, morality, history, and science. We reject Theological Liberalism on the basis of scripture. The Bible is true taken in a normal sense.

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