Sector: Musicians / Orchestras / DJs
Country: US
State: New Jersey
Address: 220 US Highway 46, NJ 07643, Little Ferry, New Jersey, US (View Map)
Phone: 973.277.9804


New Jersey native, DJ /Graphic Designer, Cruel ONE, has always had a thing for Music and Tattoos. Over the years, he has accumulated several tattoos but his second prize possession tattoo (the first tattoo being the portrait of his son) would be the logo on his right bicep. "I got my first set of Gemini Turntables back in 1987, where I did neighborhood parties and even did a grade school prom. I found something that I really loved, but it didn't last 'cause I wanted to be with my friends and hang out. Then in 1996, DJ Cruel ONE was introduced to another neighborhood DJ which was heavy in the mobile DJ scene. He would take Cruel ONE along with him to parties and eventually allow Cruel ONE to do parties on his own. In 2006, Cruel ONE created his own company called "After Hours Mobile D`s." Cruel ONE had a major following from his other businesses (WEB474 Graphics), which helped him book parties before he even had his own equipment! In 2009, DJ Cruel ONE founded an internet website named which he would later add an internet radio station. In 2010 and 2011, Tusabe Radio was nominated "Best Internet Radio" by the Latin Mixx Awards in NYC and has drawn in sponsors, such as the NBA`s NJ Nets. Also in 2010, DJ Cruel ONE was asked to join "The Arkitechs" DJ Team. "Being the founder of, I take pride in what I do and what our site represents. It`s more than just a logo that is tattooed on my arm, it`s a lifestyle mixed with a definitive culture, Its the Future of Internet Radio" said DJ Cruel ONE. "At, we interact with the people and let them know they have a home when they visit our site. That`s something you don`;t find anywhere else on the net."

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