Sector: Musicians / Orchestras / DJs
Country: US
State: New Jersey
Address: 269 New Street, NJ 07109, Belleville, New Jersey, US (View Map)
Phone: 973.759.7880
Fax: 973.759.7881


DJMC Entertainment is a full service disc jockey entertainment company providing entertainment for the New York and New Jersey area. Serving the community for over 22 years, DJMC Entertainment offers personality, creativity and knowledgable staff to ensure that your event will be a memorable one. Our DJs use the latest and finest professional equipment. We also maintain a professional image with proper attire (Tuxedo unless otherwise specified). DJMC Entertainment is always fully set-up at least 45 minutes prior to the start of your event, making sure electrical and acoustic requirements are met. We keep in constant communication with your venue staff to ensure everything runs as planned. In addition to our DJ service, we also provide Intelligent Light Shows, Laser Light Shows, Large Screen Plasmas with photo montages, Props and Giveaways, Nintendo Wiis, and more… State of the art, professional sound system for any size party. Fully Insured. Personal/Customized service. Serving the community for over 22 years. Experienced DJs, VJs and MCs. Thousands of satisfied clients. Extensive Music Database. Extensive Video library. For Quality, Affordable and Reliable entertainment contact us today!

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