Sector: Musicians / Orchestras / DJs
Country: US
State: Ohio
Address: Columbus, OH 43202, Columbus, Ohio, US (View Map)
Phone: 614-653-8386


With over 17 years of continuous DJing experience, owner Chris Ortleib has seen and done a great deal. From weddings to corporate parties to bars, restaurants and night clubs, Chris's experience will serve you well in your musical endeavors. Premier Entertainment does things in an exemplary fashion. With your Wedding, you only get one shot to ensure your special day runs smoothly. Trust your day to the professionals: trust it to Premier Entertainment. Owner Chris Ortleib has DJ'd over 400+ wedding events and as a result will be able to handle your life event with style and grace. Premier Entertainment uses professional grade equipment from trusted brands like Denon, QSC, EV and Shure. Premier's expansive music library spans all genres and decades. We work with you from start to finish, allowing you to tailor your Wedding and reception to reflect your musical tastes, yet with guidance drawn from Premier Entertainment's multitude of experience. Give us a spin! Schedule your free wedding consultation today. Corporate Parties - need a fun, energetic DJ to get the party going and keep it going? Need some expertly-planned background music to set the proper mood and atmosphere for your corporate event? Consider Premier Entertainment - we do both well. With many corporate events undertaken, Premier Entertainment can provide just the right atmosphere for your party. From wallflower to the life of the party, Premier Entertainment will make sure your party is to your liking.

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