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Country: US
State: Arizona
Address: 8931 E Birchwood Cir, AZ 85208, Mesa, Arizona, US (View Map)
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Save This Dance, LLC was organized in 2008 and became an officially registered 'Limited Liability Company' with the state of Arizona in 2009. Save This Dance, LLC is a DJ and Entertainment Business dealing mostly with weddings, parties, corporate & other special events. Weddings are such a crucial and important event in anyone's life. Bride's have dreamed about it since they were a little girl, mom's cry just imagining their daughter in a white dress, dad's save money from the moment their girl is born, and groom's are always just happy to go along for the ride. But when it comes time to actually plan a wedding, it can be so incredibly crazy and stressful...and that is why we are here to help! We offer all brides and grooms a free "Meet your DJ" session before even having to book! Get a chance to: Get to know the DJ who will be helping to run and coordinate your wedding. Ask any questions you have to see if your DJ is the right fit. Get suggestions on music for your ceremony, dances, and reception. Get help creating an itinerary for your wedding. Odds are, we are willing to bet that this is your first time getting married, but we've DJ's 100's of weddings. Bottom line, we are here to help!

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