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Country: US
State: Minnesota
Address: Landmark Center, Suite 314 75 West 5th Street, MN 55104, Saint Paul, Minnesota, US (View Map)
Phone: 651-225-4340
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The Rose Ensemble reawakens the ancient through imaginative performances of vocal music, connecting each individual to past worlds with stories of spirituality and humanity. Our concerts and workshops preserve and perpetuate centuries of human expression with historical instruments and a vocal sound critics have called "supernatural." An internationally recognized performance group, The Rose Ensemble honors the musical legacy that has shaped the lives of real people through the ages and across cultures. Jordan Sramek is Founder/Artistic Director of The Rose Ensemble. Since moving to the Twin Cities in 1994, he has been active as a musician, scholar, teacher and arts entrepreneur. Jordan studied early vocal performance and harpsichord at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth and through the years has spent time learning from such medieval music experts as Benjamin Bagby and Eric Mentzel of Sequentia, Dom. Daniel Saulnier at the Abbey of Solesmes (France), and Margriet Tindemans and Crawford Young. Members of the Rose Ensemble are available to plan and provide music for your wedding, funeral or other special event. We also have experience working in a variety venues. Because we know how important something like a wedding or funeral can be, we invest a great deal of time in the music we sing. We want to make your special event meaningful for you and for all those attending.

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