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Then add in some New Orleans funk, blues, boogie-woogie and honky-tonk. Add a pinch of Zydeco, Southern soul and Caribbean party music and let it simmer 'til it's real thick. In the vast Voodudes library of original songs, nothing is sacred. Whether it's imploding the hits of Hank Williams into the ultimate drivin' and cryin' song, or eulogizing the Southern jazz funeral, The Voodudes do it all, and with a beat that will make you move your feet. The Voodudes have been featured in numerous festivals, including The Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival, Philadelphia's Jambalaya Jam, New York's Benson & Hedges Blues Festival and Ft. Lauderdale's Crazy Crawfish Fest. 123 S Adelaide Avenue, Highland Park NJ 08904 Phone: (732) 249-5892

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