Sector: Events and Parties
Country: US
State: Illinois
Address: 26 Nolen Drive, IL 62521, Decatur, Illinois, US (View Map)
Phone: (217) 425-9524


21st Century DJ's only use state of the art equipment. We can accommodate the largest venues as well as the smaller rooms for more intimate gatherings. Each system has been specifically designed to give a full range sound and ambience to the room without overpowering your guests. The larger, main system uses a fully computerized sound reproduction system, storing all of the evenings music on the computers internal hard drive. This means that you have the confidence that there will be no skipping cd's or even the wrong music played at a particularly important point in the evening (Like a newlyweds first dance) The computer system stores approximately 13,000 of the most popular songs ranging from today's hits, 50's all the way through the 2000's, disco, jazz, big band, rock & roll, and everything in between to make your party a huge success. I was lucky enough to be present (actually I was DJing the event) at a school function with my 10 year old son when I noticed a young lady very skittishly trying to approach the DJ area where my son was sitting. To give a little room to the situation, I walked away and pretended to be surveying the crowd. Sure enough, no sooner than I had left the area, my son was approached and asked out to the dance floor for his first ever dance with a young lady. Although I am pretty sure not a word was exchanged between the two of them, the joy that went through my heart in seeing this whole situation unfold was something I will also never forget. Seeing things like that happen at almost every show I do, makes me realize that even though I have a background in many technical crafts I could do really well with (financially), I would never trade my DJ business for anything or any other profession regardless of the financial rewards. I am truly blessed to be making a living doing what I love best.

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