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Finding the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with is the one of the most beautiful gifts life can award us. Your wedding is a personal experience that reflects your individual taste and what is important to you and your families. This will be the premier event that you will host with your fiance. You will spend countless hours imagining every detail of your dream wedding, never realizing how tumultuous this endeavor can be. Spending over ten years as a Theatrical Production Manager, there was nothing that I wasn't ready for. The theater was the perfect segue into wedding planning. After freelancing with an elite wedding company in Manhattan, I decided to become certified through The American Academy of Wedding Professionals. My aim is to bring you affordable, professional services despite your concerns that a coordinator is a luxury you cannot afford. It is my belief that you deserve one objective person, whose focus is making your vision a reality. Planning your wedding will be exciting, but it can become complicated and time consuming. There are multiple pieces that make up your occasion and each component is equally important. Choosing me to to oversee each aspect ensures that your wedding day will be as perfect as you envisioned....

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