Sector: Events and Parties
Country: US
State: Texas
Address: 711 E Camp Wisdom Road, TX 75116, Duncanville, Texas, US (View Map)
Phone: (972) 298-8911


Club Texas Tux located at 711 E. Camp Wisdom in Duncanville has been the place to party since the mid 70's. This really is a place to go and find people you want to hang out with. Dance with them...drink with them and party. Great DJ and Karaoke is the bomb on tues, thurs and sun. Friday and Saturday night rock! Truly worth getting out and having fun! This place is like Cheers on steroids. You usually see someone you know, and if you don't the people are so friendly you'll have new friends before you know it. The beer is ice cold and the drinks are great! The bartenders are cute and friendly and I love their theme nights on Friday and Saturday night (especially school girl night). The DJ's play a total variety of music and have great light shows. The Karaoke host knows how to adjust the sound and makes everyone sound good. Located at a hotel you can even drink & not drive. The Party is on at the Tux!!

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