Sector: Events and Parties
Country: US
State: Illinois
Address: Chicago, IL, Chicago, Illinois, US (View Map)
Phone: 877-435-2378
Fax: (775) 252-0027


John Nance Entertainment is a leader in entertainment technology, production of audio, video, and advanced Internet content delivery. We also produce special events, concerts, festivals, excursions and more on a local, national and international level. We are committed to the perpetuation of our reputation as a leader in providing full service professional entertainment services to a global community. We are happy to announce that you can now listen to John Nance on line broadcasting our Internet Radio Show "Music From The CubbieHole via the Internet Fridays between the hours of 2 - 5pm CST. 3+ decades, more than 10,000 events in three continents a diverse client base, a diverse services portfolio that includes a host of successful implementations in a variety of disciplines in the Entertainment Industry. John Nance Entertainment the organization is the result of John's history of innovation, vast network of resources combined with his years of experience in music, entertainment, technology, communications, advertising and business it is easy to understand why we set the standard in Entertainment for others to follow today and tomorrow. The roots of what would become John Nance Entertainment (JNE) began in 1972 when John Nance the musician in an effort to better entertain audiences during the break time of his band Urban Crisis began experimentation with pre-recorded music on reel to reel tape recorders. During the breaks he would turn on the recorded music and the dead space between breaks were instantly converted into an integral component of the entertainment experience. As a matter of fact instead of dead air, the music inspired many to continue the festive mood and seamlessly fit into the entertainment experience of the band which was considered one of the best in the nation. In the mid 70's the Disco Era dominated the Entertainment Scene catapulting the spinning of discs (records) with intelligent light shows as the dominant form of entertainment. It was at that stage that John began receiving an abundant number of requests for his services as a disc jockey and began making the investments required in the audio and lighting equipment that enabled him to be a leader in both Live and Pre-Recorded Entertainment thus creating "Mother's Plugger Sound Company" to provide Professional Sound and Lighting and "The Disco Machine" created to service the Disco Craze of the mid 70's. It was at that juncture that John Nance became the entertainment service provider of choice for tens of thousands of special events around the United States and the rest is a history that is rich with accomplishment and very happy people! Our entire team is dedicated to perpetuation of our reputation of providing quality, consistency, innovation, and best practices in the delivery of professional entertainment services as one of the best most reliable professional entertainment service providers anywhere. We are committed to the perpetuation of our reputation as a leader in professional entertainment services as we expand our global community and professional capacities as one of the premiere full service entertainment service providers in the world.

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