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A wedding is just a day, a marriage is… but what a day! We at Jumper Bee recognize that more than any other occasion, a wedding can be infused with the expectations and wants of some very specific cultural traditions, from New England to Midwestern to South of the Border. We`re ready to meet with your Italian, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Irish, Chinese, Polish, or American-Melting-Pot families and plan your special day. Is it a church wedding or out in a park? Is it immediate families only or is Mom inviting her entire college sorority? How far away is the reception and how much time do you want in between? Our expert wedding planners help you answer these critical questions and then guide you toward the perfect invitations, table linens, flowers, and musicians. Our photo buttons and photo booths may be just the touch you`re looking for. Or, your clan might have a lot of kids and you`ll want a balloon artist or strolling magician. Of course, our DJs can master your ceremonies while providing the right soundtrack for your first dance and your bouquet toss. Trust Jumper Bee to meet all your wedding and reception needs and at your budget. We know the secret to putting on the best Proms and Graduation parties: lean on the traditional, but don`t shy away from the contemporary. On the one hand, high schoolers want to still feel like kids and throw water balloons, paint their faces, and pig out. On the other hand, they don`t usually want their parents to know what makes them tick, so it can be tricky to have the right music and the right styles. That`s where Jumper Bee can help. Our staff has an ear to pop culture and its sometimes maddening way of weaving the old and the new. Will they want to dance to Rihanna or to Carrie Underwood? Will they want videos of indie rockers or classic rockers? Does your daughter`s crowd like charades and trivia? Are your son`s friends likely to enjoy green screen and a mechanical bull? We work with you to find those answers and then provide the games, music, and food to ensure that the send-off events of your young adult`s life are memorable ones.

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