Sector: Events and Parties
Country: US
State: Louisiana
Address: 122 SW. Central Ave, La Carreta of Amite, LA 70422, Amite, Louisiana, US (View Map)
Phone: (985) 748.9992
Fax: (985) 748.9912


Why it`s Noteworthy. The best of the American-style Mexican restaurants in the area, La Carreta's menu has kept pace with the opening of many small Mexican. Most of those introduced dishes not before seen in this area. La Carreta has been quick to pick up on the best dishes of those and prepare them credibly, in a mainstream restaurant environment. Why it`s Good. They start you off with what I think is the best salsa in this area, brought forth by the quarter-liter. The ingredients used in all the dishes are of unimpeachable merit, fresh and good-looking. While most of the food is gussied up more than it would be in a mom-and-pop cantina, there is no watering down of the flavors. Backstory. La Carreta is a small, rapidly-expanding chain of eight Mexican restaurants in Southeast Louisiana. Mr. Rubio, native of Queretaro, Mexico, came to Hammond after working in the usual capacities in other restaurants in Florida. In 1998, at 36, he opened his first restaurant in Hammond. Almost from the beginning, the La Carreta restaurant has not only expanded its reach but also its menu and its individual locations. Dinning Room. The walls are dark, but the lighting gives the tables in the two main rooms a pleasing brightness. A few outdoor tables are under the trees. The service staff is friendly and responsive, and may even be too quick to bring the food out if you wish to linger. Essential Dishes. Chorizo con queso. Ceviche with shrimp and fish. Quesadillas. Tortilla soup. Chicken or steak fajitas. Enchiladas Potosinas (grilled chicken or carne asadas with cheese enchiladas). Tacos al carbon (flour tortillas with grilled beef). Tacos al pastor (flour tortillas with braised pork). Pork tenderloin carnitas. Mixed grilled meat dinner for two. Flan. For Best Results. If you're going to have an appetizer, split it with someone else--it's too much food. Also, tell the server to hold back on your entree until you're finished the first course. Special Attributes. Live music some nights. Sidewalk tables. Good for business meetings. Open Sunday lunch and dinner. Open Monday lunch and dinner. Open all afternoon. Unusually large servings. Quick, good meal. Good for children. Easy, nearby parking. Se habla Espanol-Español-Spanish.

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