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Country: US
State: Ohio
Address: 223 Harcourt Road, OH 43050, Mount Vernon, Ohio, US (View Map)
Phone: (740) 392-3373 / (740) 358 2716


You smile and feel excited as you stand next to your life's true love, who looks ruggedly handsome in his tuxedo.  He whispers, You look awesomely beautiful. I love you. And you both feel so happy as the minister pronounces you husband and wife. Or envision attending your homecoming or prom dance.  Ladies, see yourself looking heavenly from head to toe. You look like a queen in your fashionable gown from the beautiful Pathway of Elegance formal wear selection.  Men, imagine yourself all decked out in a handsome tuxedo. Hear people say, Wow, now that's a guy who looks good. Heads turn as you both come into the building. The music seems to fade in the background and all eyes fix themselves on the two best-dressed people at the dance. We have tuxes, gowns, brides maid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, & flower girl dresses. There also is flower girl baskets, petals , flowers, ring bear pillows, gloves, tiaras, & vails. There is a seamstress available and a wedding canopy to rent. Not only do we have wedding gowns but we also have prom/homecoming gowns.

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