Sector: Events and Parties
Country: US
State: Minnesota
Address: 57 Birch Avenue South, MN 55358, Maple Lake, Minnesota, US (View Map)
Phone: (320) 963-6277
Fax: (320) 963-6692


Well, I originally hail from Maple Lake, a very small town in rural Minnesota. But, after entering the world of clowning in the early 1980's, I now have traveled all over the world and the United States sharing my love for the Art of Clowning. I have criss-crossed this country with my van full of costumes and teaching supplies more times than I can count! In 1989 I established Pricilla Mooseburger Originals (PMO), a clown costuming company. We revolutionized the market by encouraging individual custom designs, and consequently encouraging individual clowns to new things. And just recently, we have branched out into other areas of costuming, such as holiday characters, theatrical designs, and historical reenactment. The Costume Shoppe offers thousands of rental costumes to fit every size, budget, occasion, and era. We also provide rental tuxedos from both Jim's Formal Wear and Anderson's Formal Wear. Whether you need Santa Claus and a dozen elves for your company Christmas event, professional tuxedos for your wedding party, or just a goofy wig for a weekend costume party, we've got you covered - literally! We also sell face-paint, theatrical makeup, and fun accessories to complete your ensemble. Call, email, fax, or visit the store to find out how we can help you look your best! Reservations & Rental Policy. We welcome schools, organizations, companies, and - of course -- individuals to place reservations on the costumes they want, to ensure that no one else happens to take your costume on the day you need it!

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