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As a long-standing fashion publishing executive in Canada I have always wanted to launch a true international online publication which represents the best of emerging designers who are not on the radar of the usual suspects (i.e.: Milan, Paris, New York, Mumbai, etc.)... here is a chance to give exposure to street style and new talent from every corner of the world by taking a grassroots approach and letting it grow and flourish into an identity. This is how was born. I, along with my incredibly passionate team - made up of international bloggers, reporters, street style snappers, photographers and out and out fashion enthusiasts - are focused on showcasing how fashion is translated, embraced and redefined from across the hills, valleys, oceans and deserts of the world. And the name? Well, fashion history dictates that it was in 1885, when the first catwalk was used in the world. So the historical context with the global perspective made the perfect fit. This platform is to show just how fashion is really seen across the globe on the streets of life. Your life. My life. Our life. It’s a magical mix of culture, social standing, economic realities and just pure appreciation for the dress and the art of dressing, which makes everyone their own style icon.

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