Sector: Fashion and Boutiques
Country: US
State: Idaho
Address: 350 N Milwaukee Street, # 2300, ID 83704, Boise, Idaho, US (View Map)
Phone: (208) 322-0879


Lady Foot Locker was developed by the Company in 1982 and quickly became the leading U.S. specialty store chain selling athletic footwear, apparel and accessories to youthful and active women. Lady Foot Locker's primary target customer is a 13-to-34 year old woman who is active, fashion-savvy and brand-conscious. Lady Foot Locker. Lady Foot Locker's 486 stores, which average 2,200 gross square feet, are designed to facilitate a pleasant and effortless shopping experience. The clear and prominent display of footwear by category, and apparel by collection, makes it easy for customers to shop for a specific activity. Lady Foot Locker stores include a "Feature Zone," designed to display the newest products and the latest brand styles prominently. This area is updated constantly to create the head-to-toe look for which Lady Foot Locker is well-known. An important part of Lady Foot Locker's mission is to maximize brand awareness through event marketing programs such as the Disney Princess Half Marathon, the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco, where more than 30,000 women competed this past year, and the annual Tae Bo Fitness Challenge, to name a few.

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