Sector: Florists
Country: US
State: Nevada
Address: 3685 S. Decatur Blvd., #18, NV 89103, Las Vegas, Nevada, US (View Map)
Phone: 702-233-6410


Floral and Gift services. The doorbell rings. You hear the word, "Delivery." When you open the door, you're presented with a stunning vase filled with roses. You're surprised. You're smiling. And your whole day has changed. Making people smile is no small accomplishment. It's an art and a passion that's been in our family for decades - it's what drove Jim McCann to open his first flower shop in 1976. It's not just in our business plan; it's actually how we see the world. When we see a rose or a peony or a Peruvian lily, we don't just see a gorgeous flower`we see an opportunity to help someone express a feeling: appreciation, adoration, condolences, gratitude, love. It can be hard to express what's in your heart. But a special bouquet can do the job amazingly well. It doesn't hurt that our exquisite arrangements are individually created by some of the world's top floral artists. Or that we pick the best flowers from the best growers from around the world -- the cream of the crop. Literally. For us, delivering happiness is more than a nice thought - it's been our business practice for more than 30 years. And it's a job we're lucky to have. We know it. When someone gets our flowers we can tell they agree. It's as plain as the smile on their face. Flowers and Gifts for Every Occasion. Proms. Graduations. Dance recitals. Dinner parties. Anniversaries. Teacher gifts. Chamber of Commerce events. Fall festivals & open houses. Weddings. Sympathy traditions and more.

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