Sector: Furniture and Interior Design
Country: US
State: Michigan
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Branch Hill Joinery offers custom furniture, cabinetry, and quilts that are made by hand. Each piece of furniture and cabinetry is truly custom designed and hand built by traditional Amish craftsmen from Southern Michigan. All of our custom furniture, cabinetry, and quilts are handmade, signed, and dated. Our Amish furniture and cabinets are different from all of the other Amish furniture outlets. As you take a look at some of the other sites, you may notice that all of the other stores use exactly the same patterns. Our custom furniture and cabinet pieces feature original designs, fine craftsmanship, and natural oil and wax finishes that are nontoxic and environmentally green. 424 Little Lake Drive 7, Ann Arbor MI 48103 Phone: (734) 9945646

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