Sector: Furniture and Interior Design
Country: US
State: Michigan
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Mardossian and his wife, Ashley, recently took over ownership of Northville's Sawmill furniture shop. The purchase of the solid wood furnishings store was the destination point in a career dream that started when Mardossian turned 14. From the day I got my first job here, I knew this is what I wanted to do, Mardossian said. Mardossian's first job at The Sawmill was working in stock. Over time, he jumped around to deliver, manufacturing, sales and eventually, management. The purchase of The Sawmill was made official January 1, 2001. Mardossian said he had no definitive plans for changing the way The Sawmill did business, but qualified that statement by saying that changes of some kind were almost inevitable at some stage of the game. With anything, there's always change involved, he said. We'll take it as it comes. Time will tell. Mardossian said The Sawmill separates itself from fellow furniture stores by specializing solid wood furnishings with custom finishes. The store also does custom manufacturing of furniture in any size and any colour, Mardossian said. 316 North Center Street Suite B, Northville MI 48167 Phone: (248) 3498585

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