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Country: US
State: Arizona
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Dr. Sacks has been appointed to the Board of Trustees of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, serves as their Treasurer and is also an Examiner for the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Procedures Performed: Liposuction. Tummy-tucks. Buttock enlargement. Breast enlargements, breast lifts and breast reductions. Face-lifts and eyelid surgery. Lip enhancement. Ear modification and earlobe repair and gauge repair. Labiaplasty and other female genital rejuvenation. Calf enlargement. Botox,Restylane, Juvederm. Laser resurfacing. Cheek and chin implants. Correcting previous surgery problems. Dr. Sacks is the Medical Director for Arizona! Our site is filled with beautiful art, some of it created by Dr. Sacks. We hope it causes you to think about the art of surgery, the aesthetics and skill involved in sculpting a person's form with precision. When you visit Arizona Cosmetic Surgery you will enter a beautiful state of the art facility and you will meet Dr.Chasby Sacks, a Plastic Surgeon with the aesthetics and skill of an artist, combined to create beautiful results. Dr. Sacks is a Diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the only Board certifying Surgeons exclusively in Cosmetic Surgery.

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