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Every day, workers in corporate, service, and industrial environments experience minor injuries and illnesses that affect their ability to perform, costing employers millions of dollars in lost time and productivity. The fact is, most employers are unaware of the hidden costs associated with injuries and accidents on the job. Be prepared to treat minor wounds and ailments and respond to the needs of your employees with ZEE’s comprehensive line of first aid products and treatments. Safety products range from personal protective equipment (such as safety glasses, earplugs, gloves, hard hats, respiratory equipment, and specialized clothing), to fall protection gear, ergonomic products, instruction and warning signage, mats, and sorbents. Choosing safety equipment that is right for your business isn’t an easy task. It is critical to examine all potential work-related hazards that could result from workplace changes and / or practices. Take a proactive approach towards safeguarding workers from these hazards demonstrates safe and responsible work practices and lets employees know you’re concerned for their welfare. Given the wide range of applications and environmental circumstances, consult with a trained Industrial Hygienist. Ask your ZEE Representative for more information. The fact is, nobody expects an emergency or disaster at work. But they happen every day and can affect your workplace anytime, any place. Do you have a plan? With ZEE Medical as your partner, you can be prepared to handle virtually any emergency. Your employees’ safety may depend on it.

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