Sector: Vacation Accommodation/Leisure
Country: US
State: Texas
Address: 2302 Post Office Street, # 500, TX 77550, Galveston, Texas, US (View Map)
Phone: (409) 763-8536
Fax: (409) 763-5304


859 isn't the number of properties owned and managed by the company, nor the year in which 1859 Historic Hotels began business. It is the year one of America's favorite hotels welcomed its first guests in San Antonio, Texas, on the site of a small brewery next to the Alamo. That inn, now The Historic Menger Hotel, is one of the unique properties that benefit from the hands-on ownership/management skills of a company that sees each property as a distinct entity. Calling on knowledge gained from almost 100 years of experience, 1859 Historic Hotels blends classic hospitality skills with state-of-the-art technology to provide effective management styles for any situation. No hotel is the same as another - its management style shouldn't be, either. Even a franchise family that strives for property continuity finds every location has differences in demographics, market potential, and geography that make it distinctive. The non-flagged independents, as well as those who have elected to assume a franchise brand, generally began life to fill specific market needs. Over time, those needs may change - competition may enter the market, the economy may shift, the population can change and many factors can make today a lot different than yesterday. Centralized management systems help, but can't replace on-site skills. Managing assets for the maximum benefit of ownership is Priority One for 1859 Historic Hotels. Payroll management is an example of a central management system that contributes to the ability of skilled on-site managers to work more effectively. 1859 Historic Hotels has pioneered a program that gives home office payroll specialists real-time data from any property in the system, including when any employee clocks in or out.

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