Sector: Vacation Accommodation/Leisure
Country: US
State: Texas
Address: 2299 County Road 2008, TX 76043, Glen Rose, Texas, US (View Map)
Phone: 254-897-2960 / 888.775.6742


Not-for-profit wildlife conservation facility with 9.5 mile scenic drive. Stay in your car and see over 1000 animals. 55 miles SW of the DFW metroplex. We are just outside the delightful town of Glen Rose-- well worth a visit!! "Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is dedicated to the conservation of species in peril, conducting scientific research, training of professionals, responsible management of natural resources and public education. Through these activities, we provide a diversity of compelling learning experiences that inspire positive change in the way people think, feel and act towards nature." Fossil Rim Wildlife Center located on 1700 acres in Glen Rose, Texas is an organization committed to conservation, education, research, recreation and professional training. Its conservation actions include local, state, national and international programs at the habitat and species levels. Current involvement in Species Survival Plans (SSP) include: Attwater's prairie chicken, cheetah, southern African black rhinoceros, southern African white rhinoceros, red wolf, Mexican grey wolf, Brazilian maned wolf, addax, ocelot, reticulated giraffe, Grey's zebra, red crowned crane, Arabian oryx and scimitar horned oryx.

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